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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Penis Hard, wife satisfied

Some people argue that a woman's sexual satisfaction will be met if the size of penis length. This myth is broken by the dr. Heru H.Oentoeng, Andrologis Male Infertility Expert on the show talkshow Pfizer Sexperience at Gelato Bar, Arcadia, South Jakarta, Friday (18/04).

Mak Erot will grieve when I hear a statement of dr. Heru that was shown to measure the length of a penis is not the main factor of achieving orgasm women. However, the level of violence was the penis into the main drivers of women linger at home in bed.

Based on the Global Better Sex Survey on 12 558 men and women in 27 countries conducted Pfizer in 2006, revealed that in order to obtain a satisfactory sexual experience, it takes an optimal erection hardness.

"Asia's penis size was relatively short, about 8-12 cm, but it's useless as well if a large and long but not hard. Because the center of the female orgasm or G-Spot was only 2-3 cm of the surface of the vagina, so why have a long penis, because the area is the nerve sensation in the front, and the inside is not very effect, "said dr.Heru.

Thus, for men who feel less confident because his penis is considered small should not be disappointed, because the important thing is how to find loopholes to maximize the power of the penis during intercourse with a partner.

Do not worry about the size, Because the man behind the gun is the most powerful thing. (C6-08)

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