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Thursday, March 29, 2012

negligence cause of wife cheating husband

Reasons Why cheating wife

indeed in this era of decades now many kinds of community life style, especially prominent in recent years, is a social disease with a phenomenon promiscuity and free sexs, sehinggah trigger the desire of every individual to do what the trend in public circles pigur.dan some reason .

             Unfaithful wife seems to be a disgrace to the family, not just the husband. But what if the husband having an affair? In some cases can still be 'tolerated'. Uh, why is not fair huh? But actually having an affair rather than the consumption of men, for not a few women who do it.

Ruth Houston, a journalist in the U.S. is famous for a variety of articles about the couple's infidelity, says there are eight reasons that are often used as a cheating wife. What are they?

1 The need for emotional closeness

2 Need attention

3 Needs appreciated as a woman

4 Want to feel the romance

5 Want to be a special

6 Bored

7 Loneliness

8 Sexual Satisfaction

economic 9.kebutuhan


Issues related to sexual satisfaction, according to Houston, this is often overlooked part of men. Wife is cheating because of sexual dissatisfaction generally been trying to look attractive and sexy in front of the couple, but did not receive a response as expected. Well, in these conditions, it is not uncommon when there is a desire affair sparked another man who gives credit for his performance.

dr. Ferryal Loetan, sexologists, sexual satisfaction expressed in the context of physical satisfaction is important and needs a wife. "But the emotional sexual satisfaction should also be obtained," he said.

Physical contact to do the husband of the couple, among others through touch, hug or kiss while giving praise or flattery.

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